University of New England
School of Mathematical
and Computer Sciences

Ernest Bowen
Jan Thomas on UNE Mathematics, April 2006

Main academic interests:

(1) Computers as mathematicians, in which I am currently assisting in the development of the "C-style arbitrary precision calculator" calc. Recent official versions of calc may be obtained from the web page maintained by Landon Curt Noll.

An experimental version of calc may be downloaded here.

(2) Special functions, particularly those specified by simply expressed series or integrals like the gamma, zeta, hypergeometric, etc. functions.

(3) Asymptotic series like those occurring in the study of incomplete gamma functions.

(4) Foundations of probability and statistics, particularly frequentist aspects of the combination of statistical information from different sources. Essentially, a probability is a feature of the mechanism by which a source produces a statement.

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