KR-1 / KR-1S Service Manual Download Page

These files were provided by James Smith and Ken.
If you want an entire chapter, get the pdf file (you will need Acrobat Reader). The bmp files are the individual pages and are good if you have a slow connection. Press shift and left click the files to download.

**NOTE**, unfortunately, due to space constraints, the individual pages are no longer avaliable, only entire chapters.

Part 01 General Information.pdf (5.0MB)
Part 02 Fuel System.pdf (4.4MB)
Part 03 Cooling System.pdf (2.8MB)
Part 04 Engine Top End.pdf (3.0MB)
Part 05 Engine Right Side .pdf (3.1MB)
Part 06 Engine Lubrication.pdf (2.0MB)
Part 07 Engine Removal.pdf (314KB)
Part 08 Crankshaft Transmission.pdf (3.4MB)
Part 09 Wheels & Tyres.pdf (2.1MB)
Part 10 Final Drive.pdf (1.8MB)
Part 11 Brakes.pdf (2.6MB)
Part 12 Suspension.pdf (7.1MB)
Part 13 Steering.pdf (2.2MB)
Part 14 Frame.pdf (2.4MB)
Part 15a Electrical System.pdf (9.8MB)
Part 15b Electrical System.pdf (9.6MB)
Part 16 Appendix TOC.pdf (3.4MB)
Acrobat Reader (win only) (5.2MB)

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